Sunday, 13 May 2012


Revolution has a different face each time...
Sometimes, it's a rebellion... sometimes, it's an open, honest, unprejudiced conversation...

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Keeping It Simple... :)

The wisest words I heard today... On finding out that his "best friend" had come into town and left without even calling him, my 9 year old nephew goes (all the while doing somersaults on the bed) "Doesn't matter, he's still my best friend." :) Oh boy! The lessons kids teach us... :)

Monday, 7 May 2012

Goose bumpy... (SMJ Intro)

Sirf Hangama khada karna mera maqsad nahi, Saari Koshish hai ki ye surat badalni chahiye. Mere seene mein nahi to tere seene mein sahi, Ho Kahin bhi aag, lekin aag jalni chahiye...

Satyamev Jayate - My note to Aamir

I rarely ever interact on TV shows. But SMJ doesn't seem like "just any other show". The first episode aired yesterday and I couldn't help but write to the show maker...Aamir Khan.

Dear Aamir,

Today's episode (6th May 2012) was hard hitting, intensely moving and inspiring of hope.

Along with this, the parallel message that needs to be spread /shared is that women need to stop seeing themselves as victims. Our feelings of  victimhood , further attract such heinous crimes towards us. We need to love and respect ourselves before any one else will.

Our love, respect and confidence for ourselves will help such a movement help us even more.

Thank you, SMJ packs the promised and much needed (about time, really) punch. It's also a brilliant example of stardom well used.

Looking forward to the next episode!!

Parul Bhargava

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


... and then I realized, being courageous meant being scared and sitting with the fear anyway... :)


I came across this quote on one of my favourite shows, "Extreme Makeover Home Edition". It struck a chord in me...

"It's not always about talking about your feelings. Sometimes, it's about colouring next to someone who understands what you're going through...."

Underneath Our Nose...

When I look at others, I can clearly see what they’re looking for is underneath their nose.  Hmmmmm… makes me wonder what's underneath mine that I'm not seeing, yet… J

The Rainmaker's Story

I came across this fabulous story and just had to share it...

A Chinese village has been besieged by drought and if rain does not come soon, the village will be in desperate straits, suffer famine and probably death. The local people have done all they know how to do. They finally decide to summon a great rainmaker from a distance.

When she arrived and saw the plight of the village, she said, “Build me a straw hut. Give me food and water for five days, and leave me alone.” This they quickly did. The rainmaker went into the straw hut and at the end of four days it rained just in time to save the crops.

The people of the village dragged the poor rainmaker blinking into the light and showered gifts on her, and poured out their affection for saving their village and saving their lives. Somebody took her aside and said, “How did you do it? How do you make it rain?” And she said, “Oh, but you must understand. I felt such discord inside myself, when I came into your village, that I spent that time getting things straight inside myself. I hadn’t ever gotten to the rainmaking part.”