Monday, 25 April 2011

Weird or Gifted!!

Here's a story from some good fun, weird action that happened today... This is more for me so that I can REMEMBER how gifted I am!!!! ;)

Okay, now that’s twice in a row!! Huh, that’s weird.

On Friday, a friend emailed someones CV aksing me to help this person find a job. Since this girl is looking for contractual work I started to go through a mental list of people I could forward her resume` to.

In that, I thought of a guy who runs his company and someone I had been breifly in touch with, over 8 months ago, for a similar position for myself. Well, that did not work out and I was wondering if I should contact him and forward this girl’s resume and if yes then how and so on.

These thoughts just flitted across my mind, casually. This was on Saturday, i.e. yesterday.

Earlier this evening (Sunday) I received a text from this gentleman saying that he was in town, (he lives in a different city) and that he would like to catch up to see if we could work something out and if not then we’ll just enjoy some coffee and a good conversation!!!!

My jaw dropped!!! Really, I’m ALWAYS blown when these things happen! Of course I responded with a yes immediately!!!

And now Jeannette's post… TOO WEIRD!!!