Saturday, 26 June 2010


Forgive Sometimes we come to across situations in our lives where somebody either says or does something to us that we dislike or even hate. Of course, this puts the perpetrator on our “hate list”.

And then begins the agonising journey of blame, resentment, hurt, anger, spewing etc. etc. All done with the aim of letting the “hatee” know that he/ she is hated by us, the “hater”. The more vile we’re able to spew, the more satisfied we feel… or least it certainly seems that way.

The longer the drama drags on, the more justified we feel. Our feelings of hurt and misery seem that much more appropriate… Hrrrrummph, the #@%$!@…

Erm, how about forgiving them right away, and I mean the VERY NEXT second of the heinous crime being committed, ever considered that?

Forgive them?? Right away??? After the way they’ve made ME feel?? NO WAY!!!!!! They can SO rot in the pile of smouldering coals, FOREVER!!! And so goes on the emotional outrage…

I know you’re wondering if there’s a point to any of this AT ALL! Yes, there is a point. At least, I have my point of view.

You see, we’re all creators of our own experiences. The good, the bad, the interesting, the hilarious, the irritating, the joyous; the entire range of experiences that we have, are created TOTALLY by us. YES, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THAT HAPPENS TO US AND AROUND US. By the virtue of our energy and vibrations we’re able to do this amazing magic around us!! (If you get this great, or else, it’s gonna be another post ;0))

And since this is how life works, then even that “unforgivable” “hateful” event was caused by us! Hence forgiving the poor “hatee” doesn’t even come into the picture!!! If anything we need to sympathize with them as they got sucked into our negative vibes.

So if anybody needs forgiveness, it is US. Forgiveness for creating this drama. And it is ABSOLUTELY essential that we forgive ourselves and clean our vibes or else we’ll jus keep attracting similar situations and events in our lives.

Ever since I’ve understood this, it’s just empowered me SO much. I am no longer at the mercy of others conduct and take them and myself off the hook by freeing them and forgiving myself and moving on… I created this, I can create it differently as well… ahhh… feels so liberating!

‘Coz interestingly enough, our basic nature as human beings is to love, appreciate, be grateful… all the yummy feelings… This is when we’re at ease… if not, we’re at dis-ease… Hence the maxim, “… to forgive is divine.”

Until next time, give this a shot…

“Do I forgive you? Of course, now what’s next?”
~Lynn Grabhorn, Author “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting”

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I’m NOT putting myself down!!!

Blowing Your Own Trumpet
I AM beautiful!!
I AM fabulous!!
I AM amaaaazing at so many things!!!
And so are ALL of the people I know and meet, then why do we run ourselves down? How do I become better if you run yourself down? And why should I feel inferior if you don’t?
All it really does in the long run is, undermine our own self-esteem and I doubt that does ANYBODY any good!
Maybe we need to learn to accept compliments gracefully and give compliments that we mean and then maybe this inherent mistrust of compliments will go away…

So this is how I am, going forward:
  • I am the BEST there is!!
  • I do look great!
  • I am slim and not fat!!! ;0)
  • I DO write well
  • I am very well read
  • I am a fantastic facilitator
And these are only some...

Yes! I’m SO GONNA BRAG… and I invite you to do the same… :)