Sunday, 23 October 2011

The only luxury I care about is, "FREEDOM"!

My favorite word has got to be "FREEDOM"!!! And it has sooo many connotations...

Freedom from family
Freedom from children
Freedom from partners/mates
Freedom from friends
Freedom from jobs
Freedom from bosses
Freedom from deadlines
Freedom from debt
Freedom from agenda
Freedom from "shoulds"
Freedom from "have tos"
Freedom from obligations
Freedom of thought
Freedom of speech
Freedom of action
Freedom of "pause"
Freedom of silence
Freedom of non-action
Freedom of "craziness"...
Freedom to love
Freedom of not to love
Freedom to drink
Freedom of not to drink
Freedom to wear
Freedom of not to wear
Freedom of how to look
Freedom of how not to look
And mannnny more... (Phew!! I guess, you get the point!) ;)

I just had an epiphany, "real freedom" is all about:

Freeing yourself from the past and its tenuous hold on your today!
Freeing yourself from pain and it clouding your perspective about your life, today!
Freeing yourself from judgments that make you look at yourself harshly!
Freeing yourself from experiences that make you doubt and second guess your decisions, today!
Freeing yourself from benchmarks that no longer hold true about you in the "now"!
Freeing yourself from guilts of the by gones!
Freeing yourself from self-imposed labels of good and bad; right and wrong; fat and thin; success and failure; ugly and beautiful...

Freedom is all about me accepting and loving myself for all that I have been and have become and am becoming. It means, being free to choose, "freedom over bondage" or "bondage over freedom"; it's about "FEEEEEEELING" free... :)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I want...

I want to be a part of your world
only a part, and not the whole
I want to keep this on the edge,
where this relationship has no name.
I want to share stolen moments
from ambitious dreams and busy schedules
I want to share a common space
not a roof.
I want us to share experiences not merely time.

I want to be your companion
in the talkative silences.

I want to be with you
without artifice
without agenda
without dependence
without financial ties…

I want no one to decide the rules
except the ones we make…

And want you…to return the favour..

(This poem was shared by Neha Toteja on her FB wall. And it touched so many chords in me... I just had to share it and save it here... )

Saturday, 1 October 2011

What next?

Well, that is as far as I've got... "What next?" And now I'm waiting for the answer and will keep you posted... :)